Thursday, July 3, 2014

Backacne Tips

Hormones!!  That one word that causes sleepless nights and red pimply friends.  I have been struggling with backacne this year and with hot summer days fast approaching I have been in a frantic pickle.  Gone are the days I rocked a tube top or a camisole.  My pimply mess of a back has ruined my summer wardrobe.  I know I may sound a touch dramatic but living with backacne is tough, especially in the summer.  If you are suffering with BA like me, dry those tears girlfriend we can conquer this together. Here are a few tips that have helped me.

1- Clip your hair up in the shower.  I like to leave conditioner in my hair until the end of my shower.  I now clip my hair up after I have conditioned and continue with my showering business.  When it's time, I let my hair down and rinse away.  This little technique has limited the amount of new breakouts. 

2- Invest in a back sponge.  Head over to Dollarama and pick yourself up a back sponge (the shower puff on a stick kind).  Gently exfoliate every shower.  I use my puff back sponge with Neutrogena oil free acne wash with 2% Salicylic acid every shower.  

3- Get your tan on!   Say buh bye to dark acne scars!  A little colour makes a whole lotta difference ... visually.  

4- Invest in racer back anythings!  You'll stay cool in the hot summer sun but still have the BA covered up.  Last week I picked up a whole colour roll of racer back tanks at Target.  Old Navy also has a couple of built up halter dresses that work beautifully with BA. 

I know these tips are not revolutionary but they have been life altering for me.  I'm still hunting to find a BA bathing suit solution.  If have any tips let me know.  Sharing is caring!

 Daily Randonmess:
- awwe.. I have a belly ache tonight :( 
- just picked up Cover Girl's ready set gorgeous foundation and powder today!!  
- happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!! 

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