Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Make Up For Ever HD invisible cover foundation

Last month we celebrated the Mr's parents 30th wedding anniversary.  A huge milestone!  And what milestone would there be without flash photography.  In preparation for this joyous event, I decided to pick up the ever famous Make Up For Ever HD invisible cover foundation in shade 127.  It is probably one of the most coveted and talked about high end foundation on the web.  Unfortunately for me, it was a flop.  The fondation applies easily, blends beautifully, layers seamlessly and gives medium to full coverage but for an oil slick monster like myself it does not leave me matte.  I looked like a greaseball after 2 hours. I spent a lot of time blotting away and stressing about grease on my face, wishing I had pre-tested this foundation prior to the big day.  Yes, I know.  Common sense right?  I just ran out of time.  If you are dry or have combo skin you will love this foundation. For oily ladies stay away. 

Daily Randomess:
-sweater season is here!! Best sweater season I have ever seen  in years.  Well done retailers!  
-I am totally hooked on the show Revenge. Watched 2 1/2 seasons in 2 weeks!! Go Emily Thorne!  Have any other tv suggestions? I have only a few episodes to go!
-damn! My nails look good!  Came across a killer combo.  Will be posting this next week.  Stay tuned!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Venus ProSkin razor

Shaving made easy!  Underarms done in less than a minute.  Legs done in a minute! I love this razor.  Say buh bye to messy creams, razor burns and nicks!  This razor is my new best friend.  It comes with 3 blades and 2 gel bars that moisturizer while you shave. Ladies, trust me when I say this little sucker is a holy grail item.  The Mr picked this up for me at our local Wal-Mart for under $10.  #getyourselfsome

Daily Ramdomness:
-*sniff**sniff* I caught a little cold :( 
-TGIF!  Did I say that already?  The cold, my sniffles, busy week at work...can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend ladies!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rediscovering Naked 3

Thank you Pinterest for making me rediscover Naked 3.  This morning while the Mr was out playing baseball I decided to keep his side of the bed warm and pin a few things, including the photo above.

What a beautiful look!  Place dust in the inner corners, sweep buzz all over the lids, blend mugshot into the crease and define the outer corner with dark side.  Love love love! This is what I am rocking now.  The only problem is ... I look fabulous but I have no where to go!! 

Daily Randonmess:
- the Mr just called.  He's in a lot of pain. While running to first base he ran into the ball.  Well, actually his twins (you know ones below the waist) did.  #ouch!
- nature is playing a dirty trick on us!  This past week has been "Africa" hot!  Stole that from my boss! 
- I love my new boss.  Have I told you that lately?  Who you work with really makes a difference.  I am healthier, happier and more effective under new management.  I wish my old boss well.  Hopefully mat leave will make her less of a #itch and *figers crossed* hope she never comes back!!