Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elf invasion!!

Now available at RCSS!! Wow!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: EOS lip balm

I use to love these and now not so much. When these cute little suckers hit the market last year I thought they were the coolest, hippest thing to ever hit the lip balm market. Now, I'm tossing them all out and here's why.  
1- they dry my lips out.  I would reapply these suckers constantly.  Thought it was normal back then but now I know better.  
2-mould alert!!  The first time I spotted it I thought, weird hmm just a one off.  Now I am seeing mould on more of them.  It starts off along the ridges (see photo above) then spreads to the top of the inner cap.  
3-they're bulky! You cannot conceal one of these babies in your pocket!

Daily Randomness:
-Yeah!  I started a new personal blog ... !! Some nights i just want to rant and i feel bad doing it on here as it is not beauty related. If you have a few minutes to spare my hobbie and check it out!
-Back on the One Tree Hill wagon!  The show is not the same without Lucas but still very entertaining!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July fav!

There's no question about it ...Ready, Set GORGEOUS foundation takes the cake.  It was literally love at first application.  It goes on smooth, blends easily, feels light on and leaves me matte. Love it! On the weekends I slap on one layer for a more fresh look and on the week days I apply two layers for a more polished look.  It is so versatile and looks amazing on especially with the coordinating powder.  I am truly impressed.  Hands down the best drug store foundation I have ever come across.  If you are a grease monster like myself, what are you waiting for?  You need this in your life!!

Daily Randomness:
 -I'm addicted to Naked and Afraid.  I'm inspired!  Totally going to try to make fire using the bow drill this weekend! 
-I'm free from the witch!! I've been in work hell for the last few months and today I'm free. New work day rocks!! 
-what a view!  The Mr and I are trying really hard to keep up with our work out routine.  Check out the view from our hike today! Gorg!   

-Ready, Set GORGEOUS foundation photo credit : Covergirl Instagram 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lipstick storage for less!

Your lipsticks need a little love too! Last week while I was in Dollarama I came across these acrylic lipstick holders for $2.  What a steal!  Each acrylic unit holds 9 lipsticks and fit perfectly in any drawer. Customize them any way you like.  You can place them side by side or front to back.  Your lipsticks will thank you!

Daily randomness:

ahh.. I can't believe the weekend is over.  The Mr and I had an amazing extra long weekend.  Sometimes the best things in life is simply doing simple things with people you love.  The Mr and I spent Friday in wine country.  Our favorite get-away. When life gets too crazy it is the one place that always brings us back to sanity.  Saturday, we were a little adventurous.  Took the bikes for a 30km ride.  Saturday was one of those days, I remembered why I love living outside the big city. My co-workers may snarl at me and stick their noses in the air but I love the panoramic view of the escarpment and silence.  No horns honking.  No engines revving.  Just the Mr , myself and nature.  We stopped at a fire fit, grilled some hot dogs and cracked open a nice Merlot.  Fancy huh? Simple pleasures bring so much joy to me.  What brings you joy?