Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playing with oil!

Yup, i did it! I jumped on the oil band wagon!  I've heard great things about oils but have always been afraid to venture down that path due to my oily nature.  A month ago I stumbled upon a great youtube channel and thought OMG she has amazing skin!!  A few videos later, I discovered her secret - Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado oil.  Shortly after watching her videos I decided it was time to take the plunge; I want beautiful skin!  I picked up a bottle of cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil from the Superstore for under $10 and have been using it every night.  Avocado oil is high in vitamins A & E as well as contains natural sterolins that aid with aging.  I am on week 4 and yet to see the benefits.  I am optimistic and will report back!

Daily Randomness:
- I am suffering my first sunburn of the summer!  Thank goodness for Equate's Aloe Vera after sun spray. First time I have ever seen Aloe in a spray bottle!! 
- It's open bass season!! Fishing with the Mr was a huge success!  Caught a bass on virtually every cast! That's my kind of fishing!
-Getting ready to place an order on Make Up Geek.  Have you tried any of Marlena's shadows? 

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