Friday, May 30, 2014

Beauty Favs: Bronzers!

My go to bronzer is Cover Girl pressed powder in Soft Honey.  One of my beauty secrets *wink *wink!  Many many years ago, in my teenage years I picked this shade up by mistake.  At the time I was pretty pissed.   I just spent half my allowance on a powder that was 2 shades too dark.  Little did I know It was going to be the best makeup mistake ever.  Hands down, this is the best affordable bronzer I have ever come across.  It is perfect matte brown, soft, blendable and uber affordable.  This has been my go to contouring bronzer since the 90's. 

My second go to bronzer is Benefit's Hoola.  Recently discovered and well appreciated.  I use Hoola on more natural makeup days.  On days where I just need a fleck of colour.  This bronzer is well worth the Youtube hype!  Jspot approved!!

Daily Randomness:
-last weeked the Mr and I took a road trip to our country's capital.  Ottawa is stunning!!
-going through tv withdrawal.  There's nothing on tv anymore :( Summer tv is underentertaining! 
-addicted to sephora online shopping!!  More goodies in the mail and on its way :)
-I'm off to enjoy the sun now ....

Friday, May 9, 2014

My thoughts on Hautelook

Last month I hopped on the Hautelook band wagon.  NYX cosmetics are quite hard to come by in my neck of the woods. They have a very small & un-replenished assortment at my local Target and can be found at select Rexall Stores.  Not very convenient for me and so I jumped at the chance to order these on Hautelook.

Here are my thoughts on Hautelook.   

I placed my order on April 04 and received it on April 29.  For me, the wait time was far too long.  Sephora usually delivers within 7 days.

I purchased 6 blushes and 5 lip glosses.  I was quite taken back at first glance.  The long awaited package was not off to a good start.  First, the colours were off.  The blushes looked quite similar to each other. Second, The sponge tip applicator was missing on one of the lip glosses.

I emailed Customer Service in regards to the defective lip gloss and heard crickets (aka nothing)!  Wednesday night I decided to post the photo below on instagram tagging HauteLook.

Call it coincidence, powder of social media, whatever you want to call it … a customer service representative got back to me the next day!

I've had quite an interesting experience with Hautelook.  Not sure if i will give them another go.  I can't stand companies with poor customer service.  Let me know your experience.

Daily Randomness:
-Happy Mother's day!  I'm headed into town to spead the weekend with my momma!
-Booo... I'm suffering with a bad case of backacne!  Anyone have tips?
-It's the last weekend to spend your savings pass at Smart Set! I'm heading over there tonight to pick up a couple of dresses!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Current Fav: Wet N Wild’s Walking on Eggshells

My current fav eyeshadow palette goes to Wet N Wild’s Walkingon Eggshells!  The best $3.99 I’ve ever spent!  Wowzers!  I am truly amazed with this palette.  I picked this palette up 2 months ago while I was grocery shopping at RCSS and have been wearing it every day since.  The shadows are creamy, pigmented, glide on smoothly not to mention blend like a dream.  

PS: dupe alert!!  According to fellow bloggers the shadows in this palette are dupes for Mac shadows. 

Daily Randomness:
-rocking my new fav kicks today! $10 bucks!! Gotta love affordable fashion.  Thanks Wal-Mart!
-addicted to One Tree Hill.  Seriously, the best series ever!
-addicted to the Mr.  He truly is my better half.  Loves him to death!! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Beauty need: Kabuki brush

For years this kabuki brush has been a staple in my life.  I use it religiously everyday.  Recently I discovered it is amazing for mid day touch ups.  I am a walking grease ball by noon.  This little miracle allows me to buff and blend away mid day shine without leaving me chalky or blotchy.  I buff a little powder in circular motion all over my face then reapply blush and bam!! I look fresh again!! I love it .... and need to get my hands on another one but unfortunately I can't remember where I picked this one up.  So friends, fellow bloggers I need your help. Have you seen this kabuki brush?  

Daily randomness:
-Loving my new cushions from wal-mart! #chevroncrazzy

-Burke is back on Greys!! Whaaaa!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring must have: Outerwear edition

Ok Canadians spring is here!  Buh bye winter!  You're all packed up!

With spring comes a new wardrobe!!  Time to pack up the parkas and sweaters to make room for all the spring newness!  While I have been out and about in the market for work I have also been looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Let's be honest, I looked pretty slummy all winter.  I lived in tights! Not very business casual appropriate but since I spent 95% of my time behind a computer I figured WTH eh!

Well, I guess I was doing something right because they gave me a promotion 8 weeks ago!! This could also explain the inconsistent blog posts as well :) .  So between my new gig & spring what better excuse is it to revamp my wardrobe.  Here are the top three must have outerwear pieces i saw in the market this spring:

1. The Denim Jacket

Walk down any street and you will see at least one person rocking the denim jacket.  It's light, versatile and the ultimate layering piece.  Pair it with a cute pair of jeans for a casual day or rock it with a floral printed dress and pumps for a night out.  The denim jacket is truly this season's most affordable must have item! Every retailer across the board has one in their assortment this year.  I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for $25! What a steal!

2.  The Cotton Utility Jacket

This jacket really adds the finishing touch to your outfit.  A true no-brainer piece that can be tossed on and make you look trés stylish!  If you are looking to add one of these to your wardrobe you probably won't have to look too hard as I saw a version of this jacket in every store while i was out and about.  If you are looking for a dressier piece check out Banana Republic's version.  Old Navy has a very budget friendly middle of the road version but my 2 favs are Aritzia's & Garage's washed down version.  Perfect to toss on over my much loved tights!

3. Sports Bomber

Ok... this item is not a true must have but certainly the most trendy. Channel the 90's .. ie sporty spice!  I am still debating whether or not i can rock a floral printed version.  No not there yet but i certainly picked a solid black one up at Smart Set.  Hurry it's on sale now!

Daily Randomness:
-I'm returning the Sephora Collection Rouge infusion lip stain in magenta. It's awful.  I purchased this on a whim after watching a review by Makeupgeek.  It feels watery on the lips and did not stain.  It came off almost immediately after application.

-After two days of rain i am beyond happy to see Mr Sunshine today!  Hello Sun!  Too bad i didn't check the weather before leaving the house. My feet are feeling a little warm in these boots!