Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Garnier Charcoal scrub

A couple months ago i recieved a small sample of the Garnier Charcoal scrub in the mail.  I debated with myself on weather or not i should try it. (I have sensitive skin!)

Last week, with the weather warming up and my oil grands in overdrive i decided to give it a go.  Wow! Not bad. The sample lasted me 4 days.  It was gentle, removed all of my makeup and left my face refreshed. I'm quite impressed.  This little sucker does the job.  I will be purchasing the full size product and will be altering this with Philosophy's Purity cleanser.  

Daily Randomness:
-Ohhh .. i recieved my $3 hairspray order from yesterday! I love free shipping!

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