Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kylie Jenner lips for less!

Want it for less?  You can have it for under $10!! Try Annabelle lip liner in natural rose with Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in 104. Taa daa! You got it!

Daily Randomness:
-holy jeezs it has been chilly!  This has been the coldest summer ever.  July is almost over and the lake is still freezing! Last week I attempted to swim at the beach but brrrrr..... Could not bring myself to do it.  Far to cold!  Fingers crossed for this up coming long weekend. 
-addicted to the hunt app.  What a great concept!
-sorry for the absence :( life has been cray cray lately. Meetings , presentations, camping, fishing, birthdays all crammed into one month! Peeewt, August will be more manageable (I hope!)
-I'm starving! This little diet of mine is making me HUNGRY!! Have any tips?

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