Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've hit pan on: Essence all about matt compact powder

 ...and the best part is that it is under $5!!  My holy grail mattifying powder!  I use this to set my under eyes  and on my T-zone.  Works like a charm!  No complaints.  Will be heading over to my nearest Shoppers to pick up a few more!

Daily Randomness:
  • I really want to get the Mr in a pair of Uggs ... am i crazy?
  • I'm so sick of car shopping.  Been in and out of dealers all week.  
  • There's an little alien growing on my chin.  Thanks Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation.  Just what i needed!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's New: From Head to Toe App

One of my all time favorite beauty guru Jenn From Head to Toe just launched her own app.  Jenn is actually the first beauty guru i started to follow.  Her easy to follow monolid tutorials were the first Youtube videos I ever watched. Congratulations Jenn!  The app is amazing!  The app features her videos, blogs post as well as a community where you can share, review and aspire with other beauty enthusiasts. Although i have mad love for this app, the only thing i would love to see is some sort of a shopping list where you are able add items from her blog/ videos to. I would love to be able to tap on the item I want to try and it appear on a list. After the item has been purchased I tap on it again and it magically comes off the list.  This would make for an exceptional shopping experience.  Just food for thought.

Daily randomness:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Vaseline

Vaseline is one of my best beauty secrets. I have been using Vaseline for years to remove my eye make up. I place a thin layer on my eyes then simply wipe off with a cleansing cloth.  Waterproof mascara gone! Not only does it remove eye make up but it hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  Don't believe me? Try it yourself and let me know.

Daily randomness: (thanks emilynoel83 for this great idea!)
  • just opened my etsy shop
  • proud of myself for blogging 3 days in a row! wooo hoooo
  • damn! my foundation looks great today!

Until next time


Monday, January 20, 2014

Products worth the hype: Pro X brush vs Clarisonic

Last March I was in desperate need of a face fix.  My hormones were changing and my face started to feel like a teenager again (my body not so much!).  After countless hours of web searching and Youtube watching I settled on 2 items.  The Olay Pro X brush and the Clarisonic.  See my comparison below.

Olay Pro X brush :  (Purchased first)
Cost: $29.97
Purchased from:  Wal-mart
Pros: Removes make up, exfoliates, less acne breakouts, smoother & more luminous skin
Cons: Does not reduce the appearance of pore size
Time frame: Used for 6 Months
Status: Retired from beauty routine

Cost: $139 (-20% off- Sephora friends & family event)
Purchased from: Sephora
Pros: Removes make up, exfoliates, less acne breakouts, smoother & more luminous skin. ALSO reduces the appearance of pore size!
Cons: I wish it had a removable battery.  I often forget to charge it!
Time frame: currently using (been 2 months)
Status: Best friend, go to beauty tool

Both brushes do wonders for your skin.  I saw results almost immediately.  My face started to clear up, my skin started to get smoother and I started to glow.  By September I started to get compliments about my skin.

To sum it up; if you do not have large pores save yourself some $ and get on the Pro X band wagon.  If you are like me, blessed with larger pores especially around my nose head over to Sephora and pick yourself up the Clarisonic.  You will not regret it!  These items are definitely worth the hype.

Until next time


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Currently testing: Tarte Amazonian 12 hour full coverage foundation with spf 15

Shade: Tan Honey
Please check back in a couple days for my full review.


My worst trait; my enemy.

I have put this off for months ... blogged a handful of times ... maybe may have misplaced past blog id's and passwords but with the new year in tow I will follow through with this resolution.   Every gal needs an outlet to rant, rave, cry, celebrate about anything.  So welcome to my spot. In this corner of the world we don't judge!

Until next time