Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What happened: Revlon colorstay 330 Natural Tan

3 months ago i ran out of my fav foundation.  I searched high and low for my shade; 330 Natural tan with no luck.  I even emailed Revlon Canada and Facebooked them to inquire about my missing shade and still got no where.  This weekend while the Mr & I were touring wine country we decided to hop over the border. Our first stop was Target.  No luck!  The shelves were bare.  Our second stop was Wal-mart.  Still no luck but i did however manage to find shade 340.  Close but still no luck with shade 330. Our last stop was simply by chance.  As we were heading home i saw a bright red K illuminating from the corner of my left eye. This is where the last 2 bottles of shade 330 natural tan were purchased.  Yeh!!

My Yeh story ended yesterday night when i discovered the two bottles i picked up are not the same shade as my loved 330 at home.  See for yourself!  The top swatch is from the new bottle and the bottom swatch is from my loved bottle.  The new bottle has a red undertone while my loved bottle has more of a yellow undertone. 

top: new bottle        bottom: old bottle

left: new bottle                    right: old bottle

What happened Revlon?  Why? Why? Why? Why did you do this?  Has this happened to anyone else??  

Daily Randomness:
-it sure feels like spring today!  The sun is out  and the snow is melting fast!  Hip hip hooray winter is really over!
-rocking my new Fergie boots today!  I got these over the weekend at the Bay .. what a steal!  If you are looking for some new kicks definitely check out the Bay. 

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