Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Tarte Amazonian 12 hour full coverage foundation with spf 15

ahhhh!!! I'm a grease ball!! My oily complexion has been my long time Nemesis. After watching Casey Holmes and That's Heart a couple of my favorite youtube beauty guru's rave about this foundation i headed over to Sephora and decided to put it to the test myself. Unfortunately, i have nothing to rave about.  This foundation is probably one of the worst foundations I have ever tried.  I know it sounds a little harsh but this bugger left me looking slick & with pimples.  See for yourself.

The photo on the top right hand corner was taken right before lunch (3 hour wear time).  By the time I got home after my 9-5 gig the foundation started to seperate and look blotchy.  I applied this foundation with and without a primer and also set it with a setting spray.  I had high hopes for this one but sad to report this one goes in the forget it pile!  

Daily randomness:
- I am so thankful for such a wonderful neighbor.  He shoveled my driveway again!!
- secretly hoping tomorrow is another snow day!
- new invite has been added to my Etsy store

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