Monday, February 10, 2014

Products that suck: Glam Glow

Oh I'm so pissed.  The product that I was most excited to try has failed me.  Not only has it failed me but is going to leave me with scars.  This weekend I picked up the most talked about mud mask - Glam Glow. 2 words - suck it!

I applied a thin layer of the super mud clearing treatment on my face for 15 minutes.  After washing the mask off, my face felt very tight and dry.  This morning I wake up to pimples on my chin and all along my jaw line.  The pimples vary in size and hurt.  Omg! This is by far the worst thing I have ever put on my face.  Stay away from this product.  It is horrible.  Horrible. 

Daily randomness:
- I am beginning to question the creditablity of a few Youtube gurus
- I feel like burying my face in a pillow for a week 
- omg my face hurts

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  1. Oh no!!!!
    Do you have extremely sensitive skin?
    too bad it didnt work for you.

  2. Yes I have sensitive skin but not extremely sensitive. 2 thumbs down for this stuff!