Sunday, October 5, 2014

September Fav!

***drum rolls*** goes to NYX mega shine lip gloss in beige.  Don't let the colour name fool you.  This gloss is the most flattering high sheen neutral pink gloss.  The only thing my lips wanted last month.  Quick, easy, and just what my lips needed for that extra oomph. The perfect my lips but better gloss that takes 1 swipe and smells delicious too!  Bonus!!

Daily Randomness: 
-yesssss boot season is finally here!!  The temperature dropped again this weekend!  I finally got to wear my Steve Maddens!
-awwe nothing beats Sunday morning breakfast in bed!  Thanks Mr!  You really rock my world!
-caught my first salmon of the year! Holy crows! It was hard work to land that sucker!  I think I lost 10lbs yesterday!
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