Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Real Techniques miracle complex sponge

I have been patiently waiting to try this little sucker.  For Canadians, Real Technique items are hard to come by.  Last weekend I was beyond thrilled to see this little guy at my local Winners for $6.99.  What a steal!  Sorry ladies, there was only 1 left or else I would have grabbed ya'll one :)

And ladies it's true!  Consider this as a "dupe" for the ever famous Beauty Blender.  I love the flat edge feature.  It allows me to blot on foundation easily and gives me more coverage faster.  My only caution; do not drench it in water.   I find the best way to work around this is to spritz it a couple times with water instead of running it under the tap like I usually do with my Beauty Blender.  When the miracle sponge is too damp I find it applies my foundation very patchy.  In terms of feel, the Beauty Blender does feel less poreous and more plush but ultimately they both do the same thing.  They apply foundation flawlessly.  Well done Real Techniques.  2 thumbs up!!

Daily Randomness:
-gobble gobble ... We have lots of turkey left!  The Mr and I are planning to make soup with the left overs! 
-OMG Modern Family is hilarious!
-nail polish blitz alert!  RCSS has a cart full .. All marked down (50%off) Happy shopping!

Canadian gals, you can purchase the beauty blender here for $9.99 !! You can now stop stalking the cosmetic aisle at winners :)

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