Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dear Mail Man

Dear Mail Man,

Please deliver my Makeup Geek package now!  I want to play today.


a uber exited, hate waiting for stuff gal

I have been wanting & waiting to place my Makeup Geek eyeshadow order for months now. Every time i tried to place an order, one the shades was conveniently out of stock ;(

So i waited and waited and finally placed my order last week!

Now, it's a different kind of waiting.  I am waiting for the package to arrive.  It's getting close.  It's in Canada, well it's been in Canada for 3 days now.  Not exactly sure where in Canada but I just want it. I want it now!!

Daily Randomness:
-i hate waking up alone.  The bed feels cold.  The house feels cold. And most importantly, there's no one to bring me breakfast in bed ;(.  The Mr had to go into work today.  BOooooo
-Halloween is in 2 week and i am officially freaking out. The Mr and I cannot decided what to dress up as.  Do you have any suggestions?  More cutesy, less gory options please!

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