Thursday, June 12, 2014

May favs!

I'm joining the favorites band wagon!  I know ... it's the middle of June but the truth is i started this post at the end of May but somehow got distracted.  I blame my staycation!  Instead of listing every favorite item for the month I thought i would keep it short and sweet.   This month's favorite item goes to the bareMinerals Matte face powder.  This stuff is AMAZING!  Trust me i don't use that word lightly.  I have been hunting to find a face power that will mattify yet not look cakey.  This stuff is the answer. The powder is so fine that it blends like a dream.  It holds up pretty much the entire day.  I still have to blot ... but less often when using this powder. If you are an oily monster like myself this item needs to be added to your "to try" list.  If you are less oily and more on the dry side i would recommend you try the original version.  It has more of an luminous finish.

I purchased my bareMinenerals Matte face powder at Sephora for $34.  Well worth every penny!

Daily randomness:
-I went to Target to return an item and ended up leaving the store with 2 bags of goodies!  My favourite purchase being their conversational printed cardigans.  I'm rocking one today!  They make me smile!
-arrrrgggg .. is it Friday yet?  Been one of those kinds of days!  

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