Monday, June 16, 2014

ELF spotting!!


This weekend as i was rushing through the isles of Target i spotted a whole end cap of ELF cosmeticsELF cosmetics is one of the most talked about drug store brand among the beauty YouTube community. For Canadians like myself,  it is also a hard brand to find ... until now!!  Words cannot express how thrilled i am to see it at Target!  The retails are $1.00 higher than they are in the USA but still on the affordable side. Have you spotted ELF at your Target?

Daily Randomness:
-Spent the weekend at the St Jacob's Farmer's Market.  Fresh produce at amazing prices -  I miss this place! Growing up i recall shopping the market with my parents at least once a month. It is only a hop away from my hometown.  The market brings back happy memories of  pony rides, giant pickles on a stick and sizzling hot Oktoberfest sausages. It has been years since my last visit.  I am glad the Mr and I made the trek out this weekend.
-I picked up Emily Giffin's latest book this weekend at Chapters.  I am not much of a reader but there's something about Emily Giffin books that i love. They are all light , funny, romantic and so darn easy to read.
-Swim suit diet start today for me!  MyFitnessPal all the way


  1. YASSSSSS. I specifically went to my local Target last week when I got word that ELF was finally now stocked there. EXCITEMENT. I'm still waiting for more of the collection to come over (esp. the studio line brushes), but I'm pleased with the stuff so far!
    I used to be an avid reader of Emily Giffin, but I ended up cleaning my shelves and sold all her books....#badfan

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  2. yah! I'm waiting for their $1 line!