Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: EOS lip balm

I use to love these and now not so much. When these cute little suckers hit the market last year I thought they were the coolest, hippest thing to ever hit the lip balm market. Now, I'm tossing them all out and here's why.  
1- they dry my lips out.  I would reapply these suckers constantly.  Thought it was normal back then but now I know better.  
2-mould alert!!  The first time I spotted it I thought, weird hmm just a one off.  Now I am seeing mould on more of them.  It starts off along the ridges (see photo above) then spreads to the top of the inner cap.  
3-they're bulky! You cannot conceal one of these babies in your pocket!

Daily Randomness:
-Yeah!  I started a new personal blog ...  http://mmandthemr.blogspot.com !! Some nights i just want to rant and i feel bad doing it on here as it is not beauty related. If you have a few minutes to spare ...support my hobbie and check it out!
-Back on the One Tree Hill wagon!  The show is not the same without Lucas but still very entertaining!

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