Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July fav!

There's no question about it ...Ready, Set GORGEOUS foundation takes the cake.  It was literally love at first application.  It goes on smooth, blends easily, feels light on and leaves me matte. Love it! On the weekends I slap on one layer for a more fresh look and on the week days I apply two layers for a more polished look.  It is so versatile and looks amazing on especially with the coordinating powder.  I am truly impressed.  Hands down the best drug store foundation I have ever come across.  If you are a grease monster like myself, what are you waiting for?  You need this in your life!!

Daily Randomness:
 -I'm addicted to Naked and Afraid.  I'm inspired!  Totally going to try to make fire using the bow drill this weekend! 
-I'm free from the witch!! I've been in work hell for the last few months and today I'm free. New work day rocks!! 
-what a view!  The Mr and I are trying really hard to keep up with our work out routine.  Check out the view from our hike today! Gorg!   

-Ready, Set GORGEOUS foundation photo credit : Covergirl Instagram 

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  1. I'm always looking for new make up, thanks for the suggestion! And what a gorgeous view, makes working out easier, I'm sure!