Saturday, April 5, 2014

She's empty: Philosophy Purity Cleanser

She's empty!!  Last year as I was going through my AA faze (that's adult acne :) ) I discovered Philosophy's Purity facial cleanser.  It has been a life altering, pimple clearing miracle.  It is light, gentle, removes all my make up without drying out my skin. It has become a staple in my bathroom.  Already have repurchased this as I simply cannot live without it. I also picked up a few other goodies :) I seem to have a problem with leaving Sephora with only 1 item!  The closest Sephora is 45mins away from me so if I am making the trip out I figure I have to make the most of it!  Reviews/ thoughts on the other items will be posted shortly. 

 Purity can be purchased at Sephora or HBC $26.  Trust me gals ... If you haven't tried this and looking for that miracle facial cleanser I urge you to head over to Sephora and get yourself a sample!

Daily Randomness:
-omg .... I found a nut free protein bar!!!! I have been searching for one of these for years ..... I am soooo exited !!
-my accent wallpaper wall looks amazing!  It definitely was a lot harder than I imagined.  Who would have thought home decorating would be so hard!!

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