Friday, May 9, 2014

My thoughts on Hautelook

Last month I hopped on the Hautelook band wagon.  NYX cosmetics are quite hard to come by in my neck of the woods. They have a very small & un-replenished assortment at my local Target and can be found at select Rexall Stores.  Not very convenient for me and so I jumped at the chance to order these on Hautelook.

Here are my thoughts on Hautelook.   

I placed my order on April 04 and received it on April 29.  For me, the wait time was far too long.  Sephora usually delivers within 7 days.

I purchased 6 blushes and 5 lip glosses.  I was quite taken back at first glance.  The long awaited package was not off to a good start.  First, the colours were off.  The blushes looked quite similar to each other. Second, The sponge tip applicator was missing on one of the lip glosses.

I emailed Customer Service in regards to the defective lip gloss and heard crickets (aka nothing)!  Wednesday night I decided to post the photo below on instagram tagging HauteLook.

Call it coincidence, powder of social media, whatever you want to call it … a customer service representative got back to me the next day!

I've had quite an interesting experience with Hautelook.  Not sure if i will give them another go.  I can't stand companies with poor customer service.  Let me know your experience.

Daily Randomness:
-Happy Mother's day!  I'm headed into town to spead the weekend with my momma!
-Booo... I'm suffering with a bad case of backacne!  Anyone have tips?
-It's the last weekend to spend your savings pass at Smart Set! I'm heading over there tonight to pick up a couple of dresses!

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  1. That's really too bad that you had a crappy experience with Hautelook like that. I've been ordering from them for a few years now and I have never had any issues with the products I've received, or the customer service. How disappointing! >__<; Regarding your backacne dilemma, unfortunately I don't really have any tips, but do NOT pick or scratch. I have severely bad back acne and I have raised scars and tissue buildup I suppose. Sometime it hurts really bad and I can't sleep on my back. All I can suggest is to be sure that if you do your hair, avoid getting your hair products on your back, that goes for hair products, shampoo and conditioner. I noticed once I made sure to avoid my back area with those products it was less irritated. Try to keep the area clean and you can even try those body acne washes in case those work for you. (They did nothing for me unfortunately.) ;___;