Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's New: From Head to Toe App

One of my all time favorite beauty guru Jenn From Head to Toe just launched her own app.  Jenn is actually the first beauty guru i started to follow.  Her easy to follow monolid tutorials were the first Youtube videos I ever watched. Congratulations Jenn!  The app is amazing!  The app features her videos, blogs post as well as a community where you can share, review and aspire with other beauty enthusiasts. Although i have mad love for this app, the only thing i would love to see is some sort of a shopping list where you are able add items from her blog/ videos to. I would love to be able to tap on the item I want to try and it appear on a list. After the item has been purchased I tap on it again and it magically comes off the list.  This would make for an exceptional shopping experience.  Just food for thought.

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